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Photo Above: Myself resting during my very first century ride in June 2007.

My name is Steve Garufi and I am the webmaster of Bike Across America. I created this website in April 2006 to be an encouraging and positive place for people seeking information about bicycling across America. I finally made my dream happen when I pedaled from San Diego, CA tp Jekyll Island, GA, in 2008. You can read my daily trip reports with photos here: 2008 Bike Trip.

In 2010, I began to make videos that answer frequenly asked questions I receive. You are welcome to check those out:

Just a little about me: I am a single man in my 30's and live in Buena Vista, Colorado. I really love the outdoors and do a lot of hiking, photography and road biking in the mountains. I am more of a leisure tour cyclist who enjoys riding long distances. My personal Twitter page is:

If you have questions about your upcoming bike adventure, please visit the Bicycling Forum.

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